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Operating instructions for Wellness Silma visitors

  1. Before entering the whirlpool, visitors are required to use toilet and showers for hygienic reasons, where they are properly washed and showered with soap and clean water.
  2. In the Finnish sauna, entry is possible only without swimsuits (there is a risk of melting of swimsuits).
  3. For accidental damage and contamination of equipment, or loss of items lent, every visitor of Wellness Silma is personally liable and is liable to pay the damage (price quoted by the person responsible for Wellness Silma or the Czech police).
  4. At 21.45, the visitor is required to leave the whirlpool and sauna, wellness operation ends at 22.00.

Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you for choosing to use the Whirlpool in Wellness Silma. Please accept and accept this condition: The entry into the whirlpool is strictly prohibited without thorough cleaning of the body with soap and water! Failure to comply with this condition or water pollution in the whirlpool will be penalized by CZK 500.

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