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History of Pension Silma

Andrej Kopčaj with his son Pavel and grandson Andrej

Historie Penzionu Silma

Pension Silma was built in 2002 by Ing. Andrejem Kopčaj, CSc. (1943-2012) who was the founder of Silma. Andrej Kopčaj is the author of the books "Spreading the Wealth", "Current Change Control" and "Spiral Management". SILMA '90 specializes in strategic management, corporate restructuring, corporate culture development strategy, culture and human resources management. In order to help Silma achieve excellent market and economic results for companies, he has developed unique know- how, summed up as Spiral Management. The uniqueness of this know-how lies in focusing on increasing employee motivation and engagement at all levels of management as the main source of wealth and long-term prosperity of companies, and in the ability to reliably measure the level of motivation and engagement.

The guesthouse was built from the remains of an abandoned building on the edge of Rychvald as a training center for clients who have been educated in this center from the whole country and Slovakia. Since clients had to eat at a motel or, thanks to catering, the decision was made to expand the building to a restaurant that was opened in June 2005. Thanks to this step, the guest house has also been addressed to clients who have arrived in the Ostrava region for business and tourism. In 2017 a wellness area was revitalized and approved for the public, where you can find a whirlpool for 5 people, a Finnish sauna for up to 5 people and a massage service to order.

After the death of the father-founder, his son Pavel Kopčaj, who is guided by his father's credo, took control of the company and the pension:

"Reduce your size, size will find you".

On the photo in the red jacket - Andrej Kopčaj

Penzion Silma v Rychvaldě hodnocení