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The Finnish sauna in the wellness center in Rychvald relaxes body and mind

The Finnish sauna relaxes the tired muscles. It helps against depression, improves the mental state and removes fatigue and literally dissolves everyday stress. The Finnish sauna will beautify your skin, which will thoroughly bloody, moisturize and remove from your body toxic substances that burden your body.   

There is no recommended time to heat up. You can stay as long as you enjoy it.

It's usually 15 minutes depending on the air temperature in the sauna. For a better feeling of saunas, people in Finland often get birch bits of leaves (Finnish vihta or vasta).

Heating the body above normal body temperature is pleasant and relaxing.

Body warm-up after a warming in the sauna is done either by simply staying in the cold air or by sharply lowering the temperature with a shower or swimming pool. Rapid cooling produces pleasant feelings.

Sauna should give your body relaxation, peace. The Finnish sauna is ideal for improving mood or relaxing stiff muscles. It is also excellent prevention of colds. Saunas are not only hygienic but preventively protective because they are hardening.

Visit our sauna or friends with a capacity of 5 people.

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